Weng's Chop #10

May 6, 2019

Weng's Chop #10

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Publisher:Wildside Kronos

Weng’s Chop Cinema Megazine returns with our biggest issue ever! NEARLY 300 PAGES of magnificent movie madness, with no hate-filled, condescending rants—just the good stuff…because we’re all about the LOVE of cinema, and we love to track down all the weird, obscure, forgotten and overlooked gems and tell you all about them! This jam-packed beast of an issue contains articles & features such as: 62 Years of Godzilla, Essential Andy Sidaris, Indian Possession films, more Telefilm Terror, the Amityville Franchise, The Legend of Jason Voorhees, in-depth look at Hallmark Christmas films, Household Horrors, Japanese Pink Films, Battle of Boggy Creek, Pimping Godfrey Ho, Video Games & Film, H.G. Lewis Tribute, Choppers’ Best of 2016 and more; interviews with filmmakers Jeff Lieberman, Damon Packard, Jackson Stewart, Craig Muckler, actor Craig R. Nelson, and underground cartoonist Kazimir Iskander; also coverage of BiFan 2016 and Horrorant 3 festivals, along with book excerpts from Andrew Leavold and Marneen Lynne Fields! Not to mention so much more fantastic reviews, features and analyses than you can shake several sturdy sticks at! So grab your copy quick, because there’s a TON of material here! With contributions from Casey Bohn, Wesley Rees Booyse, Dennis Capicik, Kris Gilpin, Jeff Goodhartz, Jacob Gustafson, Mike Haushalter, Michael Hauss, Kevin Klemm, Andrew Leavold, Ralph Mathieu, Tim Merrill, Christos Mouroukis, Chris Nersinger, George Pacheco, Adam Parker-Edmondston, Paul Risker, Steven Ronquillo, Andy Ross, Richard Glenn Schmidt, Matthew St. Cyr, L. Thomas Tripp, and Scott Wachtler.

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Weng’s Chop #10

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