Larks Killer #6 (Of 7) Cvr A Moore

May 6, 2019

Larks Killer #6 (Of 7) Cvr A Moore

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Publisher:Devils Due

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Wrapping up the first Lark’s Killer storyline, the assassin Hala is flat on her back and at Lark’s mercy - but it remains to be seen if Lark has any mercy to give. After all, all we really know about the street rat so far is that she’s a thief and a runaway. Who knows? Maybe she’ll surprise us. In the meantime, Brenar concludes his duel to the death with Jolly Boy, quickly coming to the same conclusion Jolly Boy had, which is Brenar’s no match for him. All this, and a return of the drunken wizard. Isn’t that exciting?

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Larks Killer #6 (Of 7) Cvr A Moore

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