Night Watch #13 Psychedelic Issue

May 6, 2019

Night Watch #13 Psychedelic Issue

Download comic Night Watch #13 Psychedelic Issue for free in pdf, epub, mobi, azw, rtf and fb2

Publisher:Nightwatch Studios

THE PSYCHEDELIC ISSUE IS FINALLY HERE!!! Freak out over 48 pages of brain melting weirdness from 41 of the coolest artists out there!

Thomas Fernandez of Live-Rad Studios is featured on the front cover with an oozy mushroom trip!

Zac Amendolia (another member of the Glow Claw Collective) killed it with a totem pole of tripping eyeballs on the back cover!

Matt Crabe conjured up a nightmare trip of violence and gore for our centerfold spread!

See all this and so much more in NIGHT WATCH ZINE #13: THE PSYCHEDELIC ISSUE!!!

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Night Watch #13 Psychedelic Issue

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