Blame This On The Boogie GN

May 6, 2019

Blame This On The Boogie GN

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Publisher:Drawn & Quarterly

Inspired by the visual richness and cinematic structure of the Hollywood Musical, Blame This on the Boogie chronicles the adventures of a Filipino-American girl born in the decade of disco who escapes life”s hardships and mundanity through through the genre”s feel good song and dance numbers. Ayuyang”s deeply personal, moving stories unveil the magic of the world around us-rendering the ordinary extraordinary through a jazzed-up song and dance routine. Blame This on the Boogie is Ayuyang”s ode to the melody of the world, and how tuning out of life and into the magic of Hollywood can actually help an outsider find their place in it.

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Blame This On The Boogie GN

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