68 TP Vol 04 Rule of War

May 6, 2019

68 TP Vol 04 Rule of War

Download comic 68 TP Vol 04 Rule of War for free in pdf, epub, mobi, azw, rtf and fb2

Publisher:Image Comics

The Vietnam War is over, but CIA Special Agent Declan Rule”s war has just begun. With the vicious, well-trained German Shepherd Nero at his side, he will journey deep into the humid, blood-soaked hell of Cambodia in search of a madman, a demented neurosurgeon bent on the creation of a hard-wired army of the weaponized, radio-controlled undead whose mad plans murdered Rule”s only son. Collects “68: RULE OF WAR #1-4 & “68: HALLOWED GROUND

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68 TP Vol 04 Rule of War

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