Heavy Metal #293

May 6, 2019

Heavy Metal #293

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Publisher:Heavy Metal

Heavy Metal Magazine brings you tales of horror FROM BEYOND THE DARKNESS in issue #293. Horror master, Stephen King, and artist Dennis Calero introduce you to the LITTLE GREEN GOD OF AGONY - Aliens searching for the afterlife unfortunately find what they’re looking in S.O.L.U.S. - Pahek delivers a story of space exploration gone wrong in GREEN GROWER - Aliens from alternate dimensions find more than what they bargain for in DOPPELDAMONS - A revolutionary war battle takes a dark turn in WHITE DEATH by Diego Agrimbau and Eduardo Risso - finally Heavy Metal’s new Managing Editor, TIM SEELEY, delivers a futuristic punch with a Megadeth’s HOLY WARS: PUNISHMENT DUE. Continuing in this issue is MURKY WORLD by Richard Corben chapters 6 & 7. Finishing in this issue is THE DOOR by Michael Moreci & Esau Escorza. Galleries by Flavio Greco Paglia, Denis Zhbankov and John Kenn Mortensen.

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Heavy Metal #293

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